The Most Common Garage Door Problems – The Photocells


Concerns with your garage door can be infuriating, to say the least. The majority of individuals are in a hurry to leave when it is time to open up the garage door. No one seems to notice how important a functional door is until something goes wrong.

When it pertains to issues with garage doors, lots would presume that the main concern is with the door itself. The most usual problem is actually due to a system made to maintain peoples safe– the auto-reverse system.

Fortunately, problems with the system do not prevent you from getting in or out of your garage. It becomes an issue when it is time to leave for the day or go to bed at night and the door will not close.

If you find that your door will start down yet then reverse back up with nothing in the means of it shutting, you likely have an issue with the photocells that are in the area to detect something below the door. Fortunately is most photocell issues can be quickly settled with very little initiative.

What are the Photocell and also What Does it Do?

Garage doors were as soon as an intrinsic security threat around the house. The doors utilized to be even heavier than they are now. There were no securities in position for anyone or anything unfavorable sufficient to discover themselves under a closing door.

In 1993, a guideline was put in place and adopted throughout North America calling for all garage door openers have an auto-reverse system in position. The systems would drastically minimize the variety of garage door related injuries.

The photocell (additionally called photo-eye) is an essential item of a high-grade security system. Once the cell is put around half a foot off the floor on each side of the garage door along the door tracks. The photocell connects with the motor that drives the door backwards and forwards.

A beam passes between the 2 photocells and if the light beam is uninterrupted, the electric motor knows all is well. If the beam is damaged by a person, animal, or things, the door immediately returns itself to the employment opportunity.

There is an extra rustic back-up feature on garage doors in the event the photocells stop working, malfunction, or end up being compromised (much more on that next). The backup is a basic system that finds objects literally. If the door is closing and also is available in contact with an individual, pet, or things, the door will return itself to the employment opportunity.

What Could Be Wrong with the Photocells?

There may be times when your garage door rejects to close. It might start down the tracks yet after that swiftly go back to the open placement. If this happens, one of the most likely reason is a misalignment of the photocells.

Photocells can be knocked out of alignment by calling the door, something hitting the photocell itself, or temperature adjustments that trigger clearing up. Exactly how can you tell if the photocells are out of placement?

The very first idea is the door refusing to close. Sometimes, a clicking noise will come from the photocells. Select garage door openers will certainly include a blinking light on the electric motor or on a control board when the photocells are out of line.

Just How Do I Fix the Problem?

Luckily, considering that photocell imbalance is among the typical garage door problems property owner’s experience, it is among the simplest problems to deal with. The significant goal is to straighten the light beam to make sure that it passes straight between the photocells.

The primary step is to identify which photocell has relocated. It is often noticeable, which one is the perpetrator. Merely changing it to its initial placement can take care of the trouble. The clicking noise ought to cease or the light should stop blinking. One of the most evident method to inspect is by trying to shut the door.

There are various other problems that create the photocells to misalign. Examine to be sure that they have actually been secured properly to the wall surface. If the lenses come to be dirty, it can also create the exact same symptoms as misalignment.

If you try these repairs as well as the trouble continues, you might have a much more challenging concern. It could still be a problem with the photocells, however there may be an electrical wiring concern or something else stopping communication between the photocells as well as the motor.

Once you surpass the possible solutions listed below as well as identify there is a much more serious problem, you must hire a specialist. A garage door company like ours can help additionally identify the issue and recommend the finest service.

Safety and Security are Paramount

It is beneficial to examine the auto-reversal system at normal periods. To examine the photocells, place an item before one of them as the door is shutting. The door should return to the open setting.

Examine the mechanical auto-reversal feature by positioning a 2×4 board or some comparable size things on the ground under the door (it must be much shorter than the photocell). If the door get in touch with the item as well as returns to open, you recognize the additional safety and security system are working properly.

Safety policies are just reliable if they are complied with. Inspecting to make sure your garage door security system’s job is very important to secure you, your family members, and your pets.


There are actions you can require to return your garage door to appropriate operating when photocells are the problem. If you take the above steps and still experience problems, call us to assist.

Our experts succeed at the medical diagnosis and resolution of every garage door trouble there is. Do not endanger your safety by going it alone!

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