12 Reasons Your Garage Door Will Not Open

If you own a home with a garage, you have most likely dealt with this situation. You jump in the car to leave for work, hit the button to open the garage door, and the door ceases to move. There might be no more frustrating moment in the life of a homeowner. Right here we

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Garage Door Openers: Belt Drive vs Chain Drive

Garage door openers, generally, come in either types: belt drive or chain drive. There are cons and pros to both. Relying on who you ask, you may obtain a suggestion for either. Exactly how does one deal with picking which design is best for their situation? Does the option matter, in the long run? There

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Is Your Garage Secure? 10 Tips to Prevent Break-ins

The advent of do-it-yourself home security tools has made homeowners more comfortable with the safety of their environment. Several are lulled into an incorrect sense of protection and neglect the simplest methods of maintaining their residences protected from a burglary. The garage door is the largest opening in your home, yet is often forgotten when

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How To Open The Garage Door Manually With No Power

A lot of home owners have actually experienced a power blackout eventually. It is at that minute that they realize how vital their automatic garage door opener is. The ease of these openers is obvious. Visualize the day that required tipping out right into a downpour to raise open the garage door! Not good! Luckily,

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The 2019 Hurricane Season Is Here – Is Your Garage Door Ready?

The 2019 hurricane season is already 2 months old. For those that reside in locations susceptible to the impacts of hurricanes, like Florida or the Gulf Coastline, it is critical to support your preparations to secure your house from damages. There is potential for destruction from rain, wind, and tornado rise when a storm makes

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Is your Garage Door Fully Safe?

Modern garage doors feature security actions that can avoid a mishap or various other adverse cases from occurring. While a lot of property owners examine to ensure their front door is secure for the evening, the garage is typically a second thought. Safety and safety and security ought to go to the leading edge of

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The Most Common Garage Door Problems – The Photocells

Concerns with your garage door can be infuriating, to say the least. The majority of individuals are in a hurry to leave when it is time to open up the garage door. No one seems to notice how important a functional door is until something goes wrong. When it pertains to issues with garage doors,

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Is Your Garage Door Hiding Major Problems?

Have you noticed your garage door has gotten louder when opening and closing lately? Possibly it takes longer to open currently than it did a few years ago. A lot of home owners do not put in the time to deal with a plainly troubling garage door up until it is far too late. Sure,

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