Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Repair


Garage doors are essential to protect your vehicles and your home from theft and the elements. A house is incomplete without a sturdy garage door. But even if you initially installed a good garage door, it may become obsolete and show signs of needing repairing. This happens due to years of use, which can cause wear and tear. 

Garage doors don’t get much attention until they start malfunctioning. When such a situation occurs, it’s best to contact a garage door repair company to resolve the issue before it exacerbates. Here are some reasons why your garage door needs repair, and it’s about time that you contact a garage door repair company: 

Your Garage Door is Slowing Down

Garage doors can start slowing down due to a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is that your door is growing old, which prevents it from responding quickly. With time, the torsion springs in a garage door grow weak, preventing them from serving their purpose

There can also be an issue with your garage door’s programming. If you can change the programming settings, do it yourself. But if you’re worried that changing the settings yourself will make things worse, don’t waste any time in calling a professional garage door repair company to assist you. 

A third reason your door may be slowing down is insufficient lubrication. When the tracks, hinges, and rollers of your garage door have inadequate lubrication, your door will slow down. For proper working, every part of your garage door needs and requires regular lubrication.

If a door doesn’t work properly, it adds pressure to your entire system, which can further affect a garage door’s lifespan. That’s why it’s important to call in a garage door repair expert as soon as you notice a change in its response speed.

Your garage Door is Jerking when you close it

Garage doors do show signs of additional movements, but you should worry if the movement increases suddenly out of the blue. Unnecessary shuddering and shaking can indicate a much bigger problem, such as loose screws, rollers, or hinges. 

If your garage door makes sudden movements, don’t put off calling a repair expert. 

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Your Garage Door is coming off its track

The rollers on your garage door are what help it run and operate smoothly. If the rollers on your garage door come off the track, operating the door will be very risky. Your garage door’s tracks can fall off if the lift cables snap, rollers wear out, or vertical rails are affected by misaligned horizontal tracks. Whatever the reason for tracks coming off, your garage door needs immediate attention and repair. 

To prevent someone from getting hurt. 

You certainly don’t want to take that risk with your garage door because it can severely damage your vehicle and injure you if it collapses. And you certainly don’t want to put your family at risk in trying to save a few dollars.

Your Garage Door is Losing Balance

A garage door that is out of balance can add undue pressure to one spring, which can easily snap due to excess strain. The excessive workload can cause your garage door to fail prematurely. 

A significant way to analyze if your door is losing balance is to close and open your door by yourself. Try shutting down your automatic opener and then open and close the door manually. If your door doesn’t stay in place and moves upwards or downwards, it’s a sign that your garage door is out of alignment and is unbalanced.

It is advisable to check your garage door’s balance every now and then. If you come across a situation where your garage door is out of balance, get in contact with a garage door repair company ASAP.

Your garage Door’s Opener is Broken

Garage door openers can fail because of two reasons- malfunctioning logic board and stripped nylon gears. In such cases, it’s more cost-friendly to buy a new opener instead of trying to repair it. That’s because repairs cost a lot more than getting a new opener. 

In situations where the unit provides a warranty to cover the cost of labor and parts, it’s less expensive to get the opener repaired. If you do not have a warranty, calling a garage door repair provider is the only option. Rest assured that they will repair your door professionally and efficiently. 

You’re Getting Higher Electricity Bills

If garage doors don’t operate properly, they leave spaces when closing. For example, when you close the garage door, you’ll find that some small spaces on the sides or under the door are left. These spaces allow air to enter your home, fluctuating your home’s temperature. 

When your garage door doesn’t close entirely, your house won’t be able to maintain a constant temperature. When the temperature fluctuates, your home’s HVAC system uses more energy to keep the inside warm or cool. So take a look at your utility bill to gauge whether your garage door needs repairing.


All the reasons mentioned above are enough for you to get your garage door repaired quickly. This way, you can avoid a hindrance to your privacy and ensure a smoothly-working garage door. A single problem can lead to your garage door collapsing all at once. 

Don’t take small errors for granted, especially if they come from a crucial aspect of your security. Contacting professional garage door repair services will make things very easy if you address the issue right in the beginning. 

It’s always better to take action on time than to regret it later. We hope this guide will help you understand the signs of your garage door needing repairs. 

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