Garage Door Openers: Belt Drive vs Chain Drive


Garage door openers, generally, come in either types: belt drive or chain drive. There are cons and pros to both. Relying on who you ask, you may obtain a suggestion for either.

Exactly how does one deal with picking which design is best for their situation? Does the option matter, in the long run? There is no clinical research to be found showing either argument. If you can attract your final thoughts on the issue, let’s take a look at each in excellent detail as well as see.

The Benefits of a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

  • Quite: There may be nothing more irritating than an insanely loud garage door opener. When it comes to belt drive openers, sound is seldom an issue. Belt drive might be the finest option if a whisper-quiet door is on your essential list.
  • Strong: Once upon a time, belt drive garage door openers were only known to do easy work. Technology has actually significantly improved the performance of these belts, making them strong sufficient for nearly every home garage door application.
  • Fast: Belt drive openers are typically faster than chain drives. The distinction between both is negligible (unless you’re going with some type of door opening document.).
  • Replacement: Most garage door specialists agree that setting up a new belt is noticeably easier than changing out a chain.
  • Popular: Belt drives have ended up being popular to the factor that their components are commonly readily available. This style of garage door opener can be purchased at practically any type of house enhancement seller. Your neighborhood garage door company will certainly have a huge selection of them.
  • Upkeep: Maintenance is very easy, as belts do not need the lubrication a chain drive opener does.

The Downsides of a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener.

  • Best for Single Door Applications: While solid sufficient for the regular single-car or split multi-car garage, belt drives are not constructed to take care of huge or heavy doors.
  • Durability: Belt drive openers can struggle in extreme conditions like excessive heat as well as moisture. They will likely still operate however can be slower or insinuate these problems.
  • Longevity: Belts break a lot faster than chains do. Belt drives are simple to change.
  • Cost: Belt drive openers tend to set you back greater than chain drives.

The Benefits of a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

  • Strong: Belt drives are solid enough for typical house requirements, but chain drives can do the really heavy lifting. Big, heavy, or wood doors frequently call for the setup of a chain drive garage door opener. Chain drive openers are popular in industrial setups.
  • Longevity: The chain on a chain drive garage door opener will certainly last longer than a belt. This assumes that the owner executes the routine maintenance needed (see listed below).
  • Durability Chain drives carry out well in any kind of weather. They lack the concern with insinuating high moisture that a belt drive could experience.
  • Price: Chain drives are a more cost-effective choice. Their reduced cost is a significant element for house owners deciding to take care of this noisier choice.

The Downsides of a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.

  • Noise: The chain on this kind of garage door opener can come to be extremely noisy. The sound may be a major issue if your garage is close to living or sleeping areas. For homes with removed garages, noise is seldom a variable.
  • Clunky: The function of the chain drive can cause an opening experience doing not have the smooth lifting of a belt drive. This can likewise make the process somewhat slower than belt drive opening.
  • Regular Maintenance: Chain drive chains must be oiled at routine intervals. This aids avoid corrosion as well as other problems. Lubrication is a DIY job yet will need to be done yearly, at a minimum.

Have you attracted any kind of final thoughts? As you have actually seen, the benefits and drawbacks are restricted when comparing these 2 prominent sorts of openers. The choice may boil down to the kind of door you have as well as your tolerance for noise. If expense is a problem, the chain drive garage door opener is a very easy choice.

When it comes time to make a last choice, talk to your neighborhood garage door installment firm. They can discuss your demands as well as preferences, aiding you determine which choice is the best one for your garage.

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