5 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Garage Door


Garage doors are a convenience that makes our lives easier every day. Being able to park your car in your garage eliminates having to brush off snow in the winter. Homeowners with an attached garage enjoy not running through the rain to get to their car. To keep your garage door operating, ensure you avoid these common mistakes.

1. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Most people put off scheduling a routine garage door service because the garage door still functions, but this is a huge mistake. Garage doors experience wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance will address problems as soon as they happen to ensure that your garage door continues functioning properly for years.

2. Ignoring Potential Problems

Unusual noises, such as squeaking and movements, like your garage door jerking when you open it, are signs of a problem. It could be due to misalignment, damaged cables, or worn-out parts. According to Home Guide, garage door springs only last up to 14 years, or 10,000-20,000 up and down cycles. If they go out and the problem isn’t addressed, your garage door may stop functioning.

3. Attempting DIY Repairs

Garage doors have complicated mechanisms that require specific training to fix safely and effectively. You can hurt both yourself and your property when you attempt a DIY repair yourself. Instead, contact a professional with experience in garage door service to address problems. They’ll be sure to get the job done right the first time.

4. Ignoring Safety Features

Modern garage doors come equipped with several safety features. Most have an emergency release that lets you manually open and close the garage door during a power outage. You’ll also notice a feature that prevents the garage door from closing if something is too close to it. Regularly test these features and have them inspected to prevent accidents and damage to your garage door.

5. Not Learning Features

Most homeowners that move into a house with a garage don’t bother to read the garage door manual, and they don’t know most of the features offered. This is essential to properly maintain your garage door. Ask previous homeowners how old the garage door is and when it was last serviced, and ensure you know the safety features.

When you need a garage door service from an experienced professional, we’ll be happy to help. Give our team at Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee a call today! Let us know if you have any questions about your garage door.

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