Signs of Garage Water Damage: What Should You Do?


If your house faces a rainstorm, chances of your garage flooding are high as well. For that reason, you must be aware of the best tips and techniques to prevent garage water damage. Although minor damage and problems are probable, you can try to prevent large-scale damage and infrastructure loss. However, if rainwater has already made its way inside your garage, you should ensure a proper inspection to see the extent of damages. It’s best to let a professional garage door company in Tallahassee FL handle serious damage, including garage door malfunction, infrastructure, and lighting issues.

You will find numerous garage door companies in Tallahassee FL , but it’s best to choose a company offering affordable and reliable services. Here are some signs that your garage door is suffering from floodwater damage.

Signs of Flood Water Damage to Garage Doors

Numerous signs and indicators can help you determine if your garage requires repairs after a waterflood. The flood might not necessarily be due to a rainstorm. It can occur due to inefficient water management systems. Here’re some of the common signs that your garage is suffering from water damage.

Obnoxious Smell and Moisture

Residual water buildup is a common nuisance that homeowners have to go through. It can occur in different areas of a garage, such as benches, tables, and doors. If there are any items with a wood construction in your garage, it amplifies the chances of a mold infestation. With residual buildups, you may not be able to see the moisture, but you’ll definitely smell the effects of it. Without proper experience, all you can do in such a situation is to identify the root of the problem until you get help from a professional.

Sagging Doors and Walls

Sagging walls and doors is another common indicator. It occurs when the affected material absorbs residual water in high quantities. This leads causes the material to sag and show signs of high water content. You will notice that any wooden material in your garage, such as doors, walls, or ceilings, faces the worst case of sagging.

Mold Infestation

If you have a wooden garage door, you can’t ignore the risks of a mold infestation. Factors like high moisture content, a lack of sun exposure, and nature of the material exacerbate the risk of a mold infestation. If your garage recently suffered from water damage, plus it doesn’t get enough sunlight exposure, and it’s made of wood, you’ll probably see mold growing. Without professional consultation, the best-case scenario is that you won’t notice mold signs until black and white patchy spots start appearing on the wooden door and walls. It’s best to contact a great garage door company in Tallahassee FL.

Affected Wall and Door Paints

Peeling paint and spots on garage doors and walls are a result of significant water damage levels. Also, it depends on the quality of paint you used to color and maintain the accent of your garage. When you notice your high-quality paint peeling off walls and garage doors, make sure to contact the right garage door company in Tallahassee FL. Peeling paint is the sign of water seeping and flowing through garage door material and walls freely. 

Multiple Stains and Spots

Before discussing this damage sign, you must know that if you can dry the water content in your garage through de-humidification and other processes, you can salvage a lot of material before it’s late. Otherwise, when spots and stains start forming on the garage door, walls, and ceilings, it’s a serious red flag that the condition is getting worse. Only professionals can help you get rid of the water damage and repair your garage door and other components. Discoloration causes the garage to look unpleasant and makes it difficult to work with signs of mold infestation.

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How Can You Prevent Water Damage from Progressing?

In simple words, contacting the best professional garage door company in Tallahassee FL will serve you the best. To prevent any further water damage to your garage door, you can rely on a professional company. Here’s a list of small preventative measures that you can take:

Acquire a Better Garage Door

The best option to protect your garage door against extreme weather conditions is to install a new garage door. Since the door has to be high quality, it’s best to go with the right garage door company in Tallahassee, FL.

Opt For Garage Drainage

A proper drainage system can save you a lot of money by preventing disaster-related water damage. Making sure that the flood water leaves the garage as easily as it gets in can prevent water from ruining your garage’s condition.

Install Threshold Seals

Threshold seals allow rubber strips to prevent excessive water floor on the garage floor. Additionally, they can also guide the water movement away from the garage door and floor (with an effective drainage system).

Choose the Best Garage Door Company

By talking to the right professionals who can landscape your garage and yard according to the regional weather conditions and water damage risks, you reduce the chances of spending frequent repair costs. It will also save a lot of time on your hand while you’ll be getting professional assurance from experienced and trained individuals.

A professional company like Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee will ensure foundation inspections before making heavy repairs in case the damage is critical. Because water damage can cause a range of different problems, including sagging, material deformities, and mold infestation, checking for hidden damages can take a long time. In the end, choosing the right company will reward you with the best repair options such as garage door replacements.


Do you find yourself staggered by the level of water damages that your house has experienced? Do you see your garage in a critical condition after experiencing a harsh rainstorm? You shouldn’t wait to see any water damage signs to feel like calling for professional repair and replacement services. It can cost you more in terms of money and time if you wait longer than you should. By acquiring professional help, you can identify the root cause of a problem and see to it before your entire garage struggles to withstand more harsh weather conditions.

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