Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With a New Garage Door

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Perhaps you are experiencing the common rut with your home’s exterior, the one where when you get home you’re tired of seeing the same place. Whatever reasons you have for upgrading, a residential garage door plays a big part in the curb appeal of your residence.

Your Garage Door Appearance Is Everything

This goes beyond the usual maintenance and ensuring it remains clean. In today’s world where everything is customized, and stylized, residential garage doors have joined the list of material things tailor made to the owner’s likes. There are now options that extend past painting a residential garage door a different color and include changing the style of the garage door altogether for a truly custom appearance.

When it comes to people, this motto should never be observed, but when it comes to the appeal of your home, appearance really is everything. The overall appearance is incredibly important and yet, garage doors, which make up a significant amount of surface area on the front of most homes is often overlooked. This is problematic, for example, the first thing guests see when they pull into the driveway is the garage door.

This goes the same for passersby that drive past your home and the neighbors that have a perpetual competition among themselves to determine who contributes the most to the neighborhood’s charm. Obviously, we care about and take pride in what our homes look like, so we should in turn care about what our garage doors look like.

Of course, they are also going to see the manicured lawn and beautifully painted walls of your home. They are going to park, more than likely, in front of the garage door, and then walk past it on their way to your front door. Even if they don’t find themselves so blatantly positioned in front of the garage door, it most likely takes up a large portion of the front of your home.

Changing Appearances of Your Garage Door

The place where you live is one of the most important examples of this, you need to be able to be proud of what your home looks like and every little detail matter, like the large garage door spanning the front of your residential abode.

The focus on making things aesthetically pleasing is easily applied to updating a residential garage door. Bringing different home themes into suburbs has become more and more popular with the emergence of farm and ranch style homes. There are also plenty of other styles; cottage, contemporary, Mediterranean, Tudor, and countless others where a standard garage door may clash with the overall look. This is where custom residential garage doors bring an edge to the overall appearance and curb appeal of your home. Now you can simply choose the style of your garage door to match the overall aesthetic of your home. This is a game changer that adds a sense of uniformity and polished feel to residential homes.

Before brushing it off as a vain expense of money that might be better spent elsewhere, consider how important keeping a dependable fashion throughout the different aspects of life are for one’s success and self-image. Most people tend to have a way in which they dress that is specific to them, a decorating pattern they like and employ in the different aspects of their life, etc. Because when you feel good about the things you own it shows through in confidence, happiness, and various other ways, the reason why is.

Practical and Stylish Garage Door Designs

Just because you upgrade your garage door to a more stylish design doesn’t mean that it should lose any of its practicality or durability. You can still have that reliable steel door guarding your home, just now imitating a large wooden cottage garage door or maybe in the style of a barn door. It’s all up to you.

Liberties such as that one provides opportunities for you to utilize your garage in more innovative ways. And even if you aren’t planning on turning it into a home office or anything crazy, it still might be nice to have some natural light in your garage throughout the day so as you step out to grab things you are in a more welcoming room.

These may seem like minor tweaks but overall the freedom to choose a stylish new design that is also functional for your household’s needs is a great benefit of updating your residential garage door.

Traditionally, getting beautifully aged wooden garage doors would require extensive maintenance and recurring reparation costs but you can get the appearance of that wood door in strong, durable steel that requires a lot less maintenance. There are also other ways in which these designs can be more practical than a traditional garage door. One great way is that with new designs you could have a garage door installed with more windows than you would have with a basic garage door design.

Trendsetting Garage Doors

Between improved appearance, matching aesthetics, maintained practicality, and even additional benefits to switching it seems like increasing the curb appeal of your home is the way to go. Of course, this is a decision that changes the appearance of your house and that might be a little intimidating at first suggestion, but it changes your home for the better. New garage door, new home, new you.

Future you with a house that’s worth a little more would appreciate it. Just imagine, you’re looking to buy a house and there are two to compare; one has a standard garage about the same size as the other with a noisy and plain garage door, whereas the other house has a garage door that matches the overall style of the house and maybe even lets in some extra light into the garage. There are also customizable doors that provide temperature and noise insulation which might be the tipping point that convinces to purchase your home in the future.

Switching up your garage door to add some more curb appeal to your house doesn’t just benefit you in the short term but it also improves your chances at selling your home farther down the line. Regardless of whether or not you are looking to sell your home at the moment it would be a smart idea to upgrade your garage door.

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