How You Can Benefit From a New Garage Door Opener


Many household gadgets have improved since the introduction of smart home technologies. Do you make use of your garage door often? According to a Chamberlain Group survey, 55% of households utilize the garage as their primary doorway, meaning they use it more than any other entrance. If you have an older model garage door opener, replacing it will make your life easier and your home safer. Here are a few ways you can benefit from installing a new model.

1. Enhanced Safety

Garage doors are quite hefty, usually weighing over a hundred pounds. With all this weight hanging over your garage door’s opening, you wouldn’t want the opener to fail, as this might significantly damage your vehicle. Worse, your garage door could injure someone. Fortunately, new automatic garage door openers include safety features that make the doors much safer than before.

2. Enhanced Security

Thieves may find older door openers to be an easy target; since their remote controllers used a predetermined code, someone with sophisticated equipment can sit outside your property and decipher the code, giving them control over the garage door. The “rolling code” function on new door openers updates the code whenever the unit is used. This means that thieves can no longer copy the code and gain unauthorized access to your garage.

3. Battery Backup

One of the major drawbacks of a power outage is not being able to operate your garage door properly. Fortunately, newer door openers now come with battery backup systems that kick in automatically when the power goes off.

4. Wireless “Smart-Home” Features

The most recent generation of door openers have Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity, allowing you to control the garage door — and receive notifications whenever it opens — regardless of where you are. The garage door may be monitored and controlled using a mobile phone or a computer with the appropriate software.

5. Quieter Operation

Does the noise from your garage door opening startle or disrupt the household? If this is the case, a new garage door opener may be much quieter. A newer model chain drive unit will almost certainly be less noisy than an older type, but screw drives are significantly quieter. Belt drives, however, are the most silent.

Installing a new opener for your garage door increases the value of your home, but on top of that, it also makes your life easier and safer. Give us at Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee a call for assistance today.

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