How New Garage Doors Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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A new garage door could enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it more energy efficient. According to Cielo, new garage door openers can use as much as 75% less power than an older system. Here’s how a new garage door installation can help you achieve a more energy-efficient home.

Better Insulation

Your garage door is likely to be your home’s largest opening. That’s why you need to make sure it’s made from durable materials that’ll prevent air leakage. Many newer garage doors are made from materials like steel or vinyl that can keep hot and cold air from escaping your home.

In addition to being made from the right materials, newer garage doors often have built-in insulation. Layers of insulation can keep your garage at a suitable temperature, even on hot or cold days. Flexible materials, like polyurethane foam, are frequently used to insulate garage doors.

Brand New Parts

Many small parts work together to open and close your garage door. It’s normal for those parts to wear down over time. Unfortunately, if any of these parts become less efficient, your garage could take longer to open and close, letting more air in and out. A new garage door means brand-new hardware, like welded tracks and sturdy hinges. This can go a long way in your home’s overall efficiency!

Optimized Windows

Windows can improve the look of a garage door and let in lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, windows can also be a source of energy loss. If you don’t want to give up your windows, a new garage door installation can give you windows with fewer drawbacks.

When modern garage doors have windows, those windows usually have low-emissivity coatings. These coatings reduce energy flow around your windows. Windows can be an asset to a garage, and when you don’t have to worry about heat loss, there’s no reason not to have them.

Reliable Weatherstripping

You’re more likely to have issues with your garage door when temperatures are intense. New garage doors usually feature dependable weatherstripping that can prevent air infiltration. It’s common for modern doors to utilize PVC weatherstripping, which is flexible even when the weather is below freezing.

If you want an energy-efficient home, you can’t ignore your garage door. Older garage doors are unlikely to provide the kind of insulation you need. Look into a new garage door installation so that you can find the best options for your home. Contact Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee today to learn more about your options!

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