Common Problems and Repairs of Loading Dock Equipment

trailer backed up to loading dock equipment

Businesses utilize loading dock tools for the loading and also unloading process. The loading dock supplies safe as well as smooth goods transportation to rail autos, delivering containers, as well as trailers. Facilities utilize a packing deck leveler as a bridge in between the trailer as well as the facility. Considering that the packing dock is a high-traffic location in a storage facility, there is a risk of injuries and also product damages. Yet, loading dock tools makes the procedure safe and fast. Yet, when the equipment fails to function, centers can experience inadequacy in the loading and unloading.

8 Common Problems and also Repairs of Loading Dock Equipment

Several issues in the dock levelers are small however end up being major troubles with time. Consequently, managers have to frequently inspect the levelers’ condition. Here are possible issues that should be resolved and also dealt with before it gets too late:

1. Worn-Out Cables

Sturdy cable televisions supporting the packing dock and overhead doors have lots of galvanized cords. These cables hold the weight of the door as well as maneuver through buttons. If you have a new machine, these cables can operate without threats of event. However, with time, damage can break as well as fray the wires. Shaking or squealing doors is a sign that cable televisions are breaking. In this problem, you must get in touch with a specialist garage door company to identify and repair the mistake.

2. Dock Doors and Vehicle Restraints

To stay clear of major issues, you must inspect the lorry restrictions as well as filling dock doors. The troubles that may occur with the dock doors are weak cables, misaligned tracks, sensor problems, as well as spring malfunctions. Having a positive technique as opposed to a responsive one will enable you to take care of troubles prior to it interferes with the loading as well as unloading process.

In the shipping company, you can’t afford to wait till a minor problem becomes a large problem. You must alert the problem and take safety nets. You have to work together with an expert team to preserve the equipment. Early assessment minimizes downtime as well as enhances efficiency as well as safety and security.

3. Too Much Rust or Corrosion

Do you notice rust or corrosion on the loading dock tools? If indeed, it plainly shows that you have to replace the aged dock leveler. Dock levelers exposed to hazardous components as well as chemicals develop too much rust. If the rusted material is causing a disruption in the filling procedure, you require brand-new devices.

A specialist dock leveler repairing group will certainly evaluate the door. They will certainly check every moving part for rust and rust and also boost the packing dock devices performance. They offer top quality repairing solution upon discovering breakdown in the process.

Ignoring routine maintenance can damage door components, negatively influencing workers’ performance. They won’t be able to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Here are some issues you might experience due to rust and corrosion:

  • Malfunctioning springs
  • Wear out loose cables
  • Misaligned loading dock door
  • Unresponsive sensors

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Having an expert team along your side for regular maintenance will ensure a fully functioning and smooth loading process. Your employees will thank you because they don’t have to put extra pressure and effort into dealing with malfunctions. 

4. Damaged Torsion Springs

If you know the components of loading dock equipment, you will agree that torsion springs are the most vital part. Torsion springs balance the door’s weight and allow smooth opening and closing. Torsion springs have a 10,000-cycle rating. As a result, if you manage high traffic in the loading area, your torsion springs may deteriorate after only a few years. 

If the door isn’t opening smoothly, you should get the door inspected and repaired. Torsion springs are put under a lot of pressure. Thus you should never try to fix them yourself. This could result in severe injury or major damage. The best strategy to handle damaged torsion springs is consulting professional loading dock equipment repairing team.

5. Misaligned Tracks

Loading dock equipment contains metal tracks to move the doors up and down. The tracks frequently become twisted, broken, or out of alignment after being accidentally hit in high-traffic areas. The system won’t work effectively if these tracks experience damage. Skilled technicians can straighten or fix the track. But if the harm is severe, you must replace the entire track.

6. Broken Panel

High-traffic facilities experience occasional damage to the overhead door panels. However, the rollers, rails, and opener will malfunction if you delay fixing the broken panels. In worse conditions, two or more panels stop working, jeopardizing the door’s integrity and safety. In this condition, you need to replace the damaged panels with new and high-quality ones. Fortunately, repairing damaged panels is a quick and simple process.

7. Unextending Lip

Lip forms a bridge between the parked trailer and loading dock equipment. Extreme damage to the leveler prevents the lip from extending. Several mechanical problems cause an unextending lip. You must contact a professional team for inspection if the lip can’t extend.

8. Diamond Plating Worn-Out on Deck

The deck and lip contain diamond plating that prevents slipping or falling and provide traction. But, aged levelers cause wear and tear to the diamond plating. Replacing the leveler’s deck is the best solution in this situation. However, a professional team will ensure whether they can save the diamond plating or need to replace it. Also, they will fix the problem causing friction to the plating.


Regular maintenance is the perfect method to extend the life of your loading dock equipment. We provide a planned maintenance program at Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee. When you contact our professional team, they will schedule a visit to inspect the loading machine. Moreover, you can register for regular inspections and repairs.

You can offer proper security and safety to your employees. Fixing the loading dock equipment can boost output, improve security, and reduce downtime. As a result, your business will drastically grow and extend. 

When carrying out routine warehouse activities, reliability and safety are paramount. Fortunately, Overhead Door Company of Tallahassee supplies a wide selection of secure, dependable, and robust loading dock equipment and overhead doors for commercial purposes. Moreover, our skilled technicians can install, repair, and maintain the door system.

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