A Guide to Wind load Garage Doors for Florida’s Hurricane Season

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You might have heard about the impact or storm-resistant garage doors. The wind load garage doors are similar to them but have some additional features. This way, you can protect and secure your house in a more effective way. The best part about these doors is that you don’t need to remove them after the storm, like the wind-resistant shutter. It is the best solution to protecting your doors against Florida’s hurricane season.

Read the article further to understand the importance of wind load doors. 

What is a Wind Load Garage Door?

These garage doors can resist the outside force, especially the pressure of hurricane winds. Wind load garage doors come in different materials but typically have steel exterior that can withstand the extreme impact from debris that hits your garage door during storms. Depending on the brand you choose, some doors also contain insulation, wood paneling, and aluminum layers. 

In addition to resistance, wind load doors also offer heavier gauge tracks compared to standard doors. The primary difference between the wind load garage doors and traditional ones is that they contain a special locking system, which prevents wear and damage during harsh weather. 

When you are purchasing the impact-resistant door, make sure it has heavy-duty hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs for maximizing strength. A region prone to hurricanes or wind storms like Florida needs wind-resistant garage doors. 

Wind Load Garage Doors Offer More than Hurricane Protection

These garage doors for hurricane-prone areas provide you additional perks, including:

Lower Insurance Rates

Your insurance provider will love your idea of installing storm-protected doors. Installing hurricane solutions is the best way to receive a discount on your premiums. 

Noise Reduction

As the wind load garage doors have great insulation protection, they prevent noises from entering your house. So, if you are planning to perform any activity in your garage, don’t worry. You will not get disturbed due to outside noises, such as traffic. 

Reduced Burglary Risk

When debris, brick, and other heavy items struck at your garage door at a speed of more than 100 mph can’t damage it, a criminal has no chance to break into your house. As the locking system is designed for storms, burglars can’t even open the locks to enter your house. 

Better Insulation

Most of the garage doors come with insulation features. This means you don’t need to worry about cold winds entering your house. Having a balanced temperature in the garage makes your garage activities easy. 

Why Is It Important to Follow Wind Code Rating Regulations in Florida?

People usually ask why wind-resistant garage doors like wind load doors are necessary to withstand harsh weather in Florida. This is because they protect houses against heavy winds. The safety and security of people and properties are the primary reasons to follow the wind code rating regulations. When it comes to standard garage doors, they make your house exterior weak. Older vinyl and wood doors can get damaged easily in the strong winds. Plus, trees may fall due to storms damaging your garage doors.

When your garage door breaks, it makes your house susceptible to wind pressure. Doors and windows can also blow out because of strong winds. Powerful winds also have the ability to weaken walls and roofs, leading to great structural damage. This makes it vital to install wind load doors in Florida’s houses.

As we have mentioned, wind-resistant doors contain layers of steel, and the thickness and type of this layer determine the ability of the door to withstand maximum wind speed. The wind code rating regulations in Florida also advise using the right garage door based on the type of house. 

Buying an Impact Rated Garage Door

There are several things that you need to consider before purchasing a wind load garage door for your property. The following are some important factors to consider.

Wind Load Code Requirements

You need to find a door that has certification of wind load code requirements of Florida. It is important to understand that garage doors are rated between W1 and W8 on a scale, depending on the ability to endure wind gusts from 90 to 180 mph. The most affected areas have to withstand wind speeds ranging from 110 to 139 mph. In this case, you will need a wind load rating of more than W3. It’s best to opt for a door with more than a W5 wind load rating for better protection if you live near the shoreline in Florida. 

Style of Door

Another thing you need to look at before purchasing a door is the style of the door. You need to opt for a garage door that complements your home’s architecture and theme. Additionally, buy a door that fits your budget and complies with local building codes for storm resistance. 

Energy Saving

Generally, wind load garage doors come with the feature of energy-saving. They come with several layers that offer you better insulation in the garage door, so you don’t need to use any heating system in your garage. 

Bottom Line

Wind load garage doors are the best option to protect your house from harsh weather. This is not only important for your house’s structure but also keeps you safe during the strong wind gusts.

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