7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Garage Door Security

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According to an FBI survey, every 30 seconds, a burglar strikes in the US. The survey also shows that two burglaries happen every minute, which adds up to make 3,000 burglaries every day. Apart from this, the average loss from burglary is around $3,000 in the United States. 

These stats represent that there are high risks of a burglar breaking into your house. This is why you have to secure every entry point of your property to prevent this misfortune. Similarly, you need to think about garage door security. While very few people think about the security of their garage doors, little do they know that burglars use it as an easy passage to enter your house.    

For this reason, we have mentioned some tips to secure your garage door. Let’s discuss it further.

1. Monitor Activity with Smart Opener 

Openers can significantly help you to secure your house, as they lock your door when they are in the down position. A thief will still try to hack the code or force the door open. By incorporating a smart opener from any high-quality and reputable brand, you can receive an alert on your smart device in case of burglary or monitor the situation of your garage. This way, you can get help or call law enforcement immediately. 

The best part is you don’t need to spend the entire day checking your smartphone for security concerns. There are some smart garage door openers that you can connect with a monitor that keeps an eye on everyone, and sends you a notification if anyone tries to close or open it forcefully. 

2. Secure the Windows

If you want to secure your garage door from buglers, you need to add layers of protection to every part of your garage door. For this reason, install high-quality and durable garage door windows to ensure garage door security. It is important to note that cheap windows are easy passage for thieves, as they can push out windows, giving them easy access. Additionally, massive windows facilitate burglars to check your garage.

In this case, you can replace your doors with the ones without windows. Or simply, you can add frosted windows to your older ones that are high enough to prevent anyone from peeping into your garage.    Moreover, choosing appropriate windows for your garage door can reduce the chances that someone will see your garage as a passage to enter your house. Another benefit of installing frosted or smaller windows is they offer insulation and keep your house’s temperature stable. Not only do these windows give you comfort and security, but also a touch of modern appearance to your doors. 

3. Lock Your Service Door

For better security, keep the service door closed, which is the door present between your garage and home. Wondering why? Simply because even if thieves break into your garage, they can’t enter your house. 

If your service door has older and rusted locks, make sure to upgrade these locks. Even if they are new but don’t offer you durability, it’s better to replace them with heavy-duty and robust models. 

4. Check Your Landscaping

Some professional thieves will not mind roaming around your house even in the daylight. They will use any cover near your garage as an advantage, such as bush or tree, to check your garage window or door. 

Clear up everything near your garage door or windows so that your neighbors can notify you if someone tries to peek into your house. Make sure to remove large trees, shrubs, and bushes, and keep your house entry passage visible from the street. 

5. Consider your Remote

Avoid keeping the garage door opener in your car. Burglars are aware that an automatic garage door opener is a key to enter your house. Obviously, they will not wait for a second to use it. 

It’s better to replace your garage door opener remote with a keychain automatic remote that you can carry anywhere you want. Apart from this, you can also opt for a smart garage door opener that helps you control your door with a smart device or mobile application.    

6. Rethink Garage Door Lock

Homeowners need to install a locking handle on their doors. Several locks offer you feature like a physical key that you will need to open the lock. Besides that, consider installing a lock inside the garage door that will be challenging for burglars to break. It attaches to the inside frame and door so that you can only control it from the inside. 

Just lock it behind you every time you enter your garage so that no one can open the garage door until someone opens it. 

7. Disable your Latches

Your garage door should be completely secure when you are away, such as in the office or on vacation. It is important to take all the security measures before leaving your house. Plus, always make sure to close every type of lock you have installed in your garage. 

Not to mention, if you are leaving your house for a long time, you need to ensure that you have top-notch security. You need to unplug the door and install a bolt or padlock in the latch to prevent the door’s tracks. This way, the overhead door will not even move slightly, providing you excellent security. 

Bottom Line

Every homeowner worries about their property’s security, and they might take every possible precaution and measure to secure all windows, doors, and other parts of their house. However, people always forget that garage door security is as important as other parts of their house. 

This is why make sure to follow all the recommended tips to secure your garage doors. Rethink about the lock, install new windows, take care of your remote, and opt for other smart approaches regarding the door. The more precautions you take, the better it is. 

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