5 Common Causes of Overhead Door Repair

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Overhead doors are a popular type of garage door that can be super durable considering how often they’re used. According to Popular Mechanics, the average garage door opens and closes 3 to 5 times per day, which means overhead garage doors get used constantly. That said, overhead door repair is often necessary. Here are the five common causes of overhead door repair you need to know.

Moving Parts Are Rusted

If your garage door has been left unused or neglected for a while, it can develop rust stains that can interfere with its functionality. You may notice that your overhead garage door has some jerky movements. If you do, this is a sign it’s necessary to get overhead door repair services so your garage door starts operating smoothly again.

The Garage Door Is Stuck

It can be frustrating when your garage door gets jammed. Depending on the position it’s stuck in, it either means you can’t park your car inside or you’re unable to close the door and keep your garage secure after parking. It’s best to avoid trying to force the garage door to open or close as this can cause further damage or injury. Professional repair is the best option should you find your overhead door stuck open or closed.

The Panels Are Damaged

Damaged panel doors not only make your garage door unsightly, but they also make your garage less secure. Intruders can easily make their way inside the building if the panels are weakened in some way. The panels can get damaged in various ways. For instance, if there’s a violent storm, the garage door panels can get bent by strong winds or the damage can happen due to an accident.

The Garage Door Opener Is Faulty

If your garage door opener has stopped working, then this issue will need to be fixed quickly. If you have replaced the batteries and the garage door opener is still not working, consider hiring a professional to take a look at it.

The Garage Door Is Old

When your overhead garage door is heavy, it’s bound to need repairs for a variety of reasons. Old garage doors are prone to becoming unbalanced due to broken springs and other issues caused by worn-out parts and components. These faulty parts will need to be replaced. If your garage door is old, looking into repair services will be your best bet towards keeping it working properly.

Generally, overhead garage doors can provide you with many years of service if properly maintained and repaired. If you notice any of these common overhead repair issues, contact us as soon as possible to seek professional repair service.

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